Hard at Work on The Roosters, Hens and Chickens
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Hard at Work on The Roosters, Hens and Chickens

Good Morning!
I have completed the third in my "Roosters, Hens and Chicks" Series. Lots of fun learning to use new techniques and brush strokes to recreate the fluffy and multi-colored layers of feathers and plumes on these colorful birds. Today, I will be starting the fourth and laying out the background washes for the fifth. I have set up a second small easel so that I can work on two at a time. This seems to be an efficient use of colors that are in the same palette. Paint doesn't go to waste...and the paintings have a certain consistency in color that I like when completing a series. Not only is the series identifiable by technique and brush stroke style, but now the colors will help to unify the series. Here is a pic of No. #...a bit of glare on this shot, but a good look at it just prior to completion of the detailing of grasses and weathered wood. Have a wonderful day!
Keep The Faith,
Maureen Marie Sundstrom Gallenberg
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