The Lake and Waterlilies In Bloom
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The Lake and Waterlilies In Bloom

Hi There,
It's a sunny weekend in Washington and I noticed that the water lilies are starting to bloom all around the area. I wanted to share at least one with you. I also will share a technique with you that makes it fun and easy to create very different looks from one photo using a computer program which will allow you to digitally enhance your photos. Whenever I have a little extra time to play around with these digital options..I am amazed at what using a "Filter" can do to change the look of an image. 
I tried this rather "abstract" filter in earth tones of charcoal to enhance a photo that I loved when I snapped it...yet, when I uploaded it, I was not real happy with the capture. Rather than delete the image, I decided to try a few "Filters" on it. This one was really different and fun..Enjoy my original photo, and the enhanced image.
Have some fun with all of the millions and millions of options that digital photography programs offer to you, and stay tuned for more on this subject.
Keep The Faith,
Maureen Marie
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