A Very Hot Week In Summer
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A Very Hot Week In Summer

Hello Everyone!
It's the middle of July, and it is very hot. Just what is expected this time of year. I had an opportunity earlier this week to take a short drive down a beautiful old country road nestled between the mountains and the cliffs and banks of the Columbia River. The entire span of road I traveled was one Orchard after another. I was absolutely charmed by the rustic farms and the orchards that are beginning to bear peaches and apples. many of the cherry trees are almost ready for harvest. The cherry stands are beginning to be set up along the roadsides.
Here are a few snaps I took along the way. I plan to go back at the end of summer when the fruits are ready to pick, and taste :) :)...and again in the fall when I know the colors of the trees as they turn will provide spectacular color.
Today I began two new paintings of hens for my series. Love having a second easel set up. It really helps to make good use of the paint and to give consistency of color to the set. One painting will feature a group of hens in the coop..and the other one or two hens outdoors on a sunny afternoon. Hoping they will be completed by Friday...then I am halfway done with the first set. I am contemplating making these multi-media paintings using overlays of chicken wire or barbed wire as accents to give dimension and substance to the chicken coop paintings.  Placing orders for the frames and for mats and the first arrived last week. I love the weathered finish with the country paintings.
Starting to outline lesson plans and supply lists for classes...lots to do!
I have a very full day on Monday..so see you all later this week!
Keep The Faith,
Maureen Marie
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