Restoring Our Souls
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Restoring Our Souls

♥♥ This Sunday and all of yesterday I worked very hard to restore a beautiful rock garden on the ranch. Like all major projects of is only when you begin that you realize just how much needs to be done to get things back in working order. I weeded till my hands felt almost had to be done by hand...inch by inch as wildflowers cover the area., and they had be left undisturbed. Wild strawberry vines and bunchgrass and other invasive weeds crept through every last inch of this massive garden. A dry stream had to be completely a channel for rainwater could be restored. Bushes and flowers needing pruning and trimming and large boulders had to be cleaned and moved back into place.
I likened this to our lives and to our souls...when we decide to make changes, dig in and clear out all of the clutter, issues and troubles so that all that is good and lasting can is a big and exhausting project. We may feel like walking away and letting things's alot to deal with! But the hard work is always worth it ..the end result is pleasing, freeing and filled with the Grace of God.
God must be pleased that we work on our own rock gardens in life....and I am certain he will help us care for the beauty we uncover through hard work. ♥♥
Keep The Faith,
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