Acrylic Artistry, Tip and Tricks
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Acrylic Artistry, Tip and Tricks

Acrylic paint is my preferred medium. I like it for so many reasons; ease of application, multiple techniques can be used, ease of clean up, no odor, quick drying time, can be worked with other mediums and it is waterproof when dry.
Acrylic paint dries very quickly, and always dries to a color that is darker than when it is applied. Water can be used to thin the paint to many levels, including using washes of color that can be built up to achieve a beautiful depth of color, or texture. After the painting is dry, there are many types of clear varnishes from matte to high shine that can be used to seal the painting.
By adding other types of texture mediums or gels, the paint takes on new looks that can add exciting effects in a painting. Use pastes or palette knives or sponges or different brushes to add layers of thickness or special effects.
I have been having fun using thick layers of paint to add depth, and using a knife, or other sharp tip to scratch in bare spots or to add the tiniest of details to grasses and feathers. It is fun to use heavily textured canvas or to gesso over an old canvas..and leave the bumps and texture on the canvas. It adds a bit of character to a new painting.
If you have access to some mediums like paste or molding clay, give them a try. Don't be shy. If you are nervous about using them on a painting that is in progress...just try them out on a piece of hardboard or an old canvas. It is worth experimenting to keep your paintings growing in style and adding fresh excitement to what you can show the world.
Keep On Painting!
Maureen Marie
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