Summer Evening On The River and In The Meadows
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Summer Evening On The River and In The Meadows

I am always trying to find the perfect lighting to enhance a subject. Last night was a warm and clear mid summer evening, so I poppoed my pup, Liberty Belle in the car and off we drove to the River. Along the way we stopped at a nearby lake to get some photos as  the sun was setting and  to see if we could spot some wildlife coming in for a drink or to graze in the meadows.
This area is peppered with smaller lakes...each one more special than the next. This time of year the wildflowers are in full bloom and the meadows surrounding these lakes are covered in white daisies and a very pretty and delicate yellow flower. I need to find out it's name later this weekend. The water lilies are growing like crazy around the shores of the lakes..we have finally had a spell of warm weather, with more to come over the next few days.
Back to lighting. There is a certain softness that evening light lends to landscapes. I particularly like  the way that the meadows come to life with hights of bright tones where the setting sun will sparkle on the grasses. It is a great way to provide me with a photo record of degrees of color through the upcoming winter, when I will pull out these references to use. This is also a perfect time of day to begin to understand the concept of "Value". That is..the "Light" and the "Shadow" in a picture. Value is what it is all about. Value id what can attract us to a scene or it enhances shape, form and color and assists us in setting up "Composition" in a work of art. I will go into detail on these subject in my Blog, "Tips and Tricks" this weekend.
Make sure to visit me this weekend as I show you how to crop and enhance a photo for the best composition using Value.
Enjoy a few magical pics of the River and Meadows as the sun lowers in the summer skies.
Keep The Faith!
Maureen Marie
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