Cropping Photos For Great Composition
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Cropping Photos For Great Composition

Cropping digital photos is a fantastic way to zoom in and enhance the focal point of your work. Here is a quick tip for creating a composition that is pleasing to the eye.
While the first photograph is very beautiful, it has no real focal point. The eye is looking at many competing areas, while resting on no specific point.  Take a close look at this photo, and decide what it is that grabs your attention first. Look closely at the value (contrast of light and dark areas) in the photo. Your eye will be naturally drawn to the area with the most contrast.
1. Original Photo. No cropping has been done.
Now look at the second in this series. The photo has been initially cropped, bringing the focal point forward and isolating it. The focal point in this series is the barn. By featuring the barn in a smaller area, the eye can relax, focus, and enjoy a quieter and easier to enjoy subject. By removing the excess clutter from the shot, the barn itself begins to pop.
2. Original photo cropped to feature the barn
In the third in the series, the barn is drawn forward even further. The barn has been  isolated as the main feature. While this is not necessary to create a better photo...the second photo may be exactly what you further enhances the subject and gives it more character.
3. Original photo is tightly cropped to bring the barn even closer.
You, as the artist will decide what you want to focus on using the basic principles of composition. Play around with ideas and you will find out how you can improve your photos using easy to learn cropping techniques.
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