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Farms & Barns & a Pumpkin Patch

Happy Monday!
I have been out "On The Road Again".
Had a wonderful day out exploring the countryside late last week in perfect September weather. I finally learned how to get on a back mountain road that I have wanted to travel on for quite some time..... by making a wrong turn...and was able to get some beautiful photos of some of the farms and barns that I had been admiring from afar all summer. I also stumbled onto the most delightful Pumpkin Patch with a Corn Maze. What fun! I met George, who was minding the store...and who very graciously took me for a tour. The main barn was built in 1911 and has been in the process of being restored. The Pumpkin Patch and Corn maze have been in business for two years and are incredibly popular with visitors. I plan to go back quite soon and try to get through the corn maze. The pumpkins should be ready for sale and ripe for the pickin'.
Time for me to get busy painting some more of the local barns for the series. I was held  up for several weeks, but I am back in my "MoJo" on and a paintbrush in my enjoy the pictures...and watch for my next blog.
Keep The Faith...and enjoy this wonderful warm fall weather!
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