Getting Set Up: A List Of Paints
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Getting Set Up: A List Of Paints

Getting Some Basic Supplies Organized is not as hard as it sounds...nor as expensive as you may think. There are lots of ways to find supplies online...and many of the big art supply warehouse, craft and art supply shops will put together some starting packages for the beginner. While the starting packs are great initially..the paint tubes are usually super small and won't last very long at all. If you don't have an is nice to get the starter packages that come inside a  table easel set. You can find these sets for virtually all paints; acrylic, watercolor and oil. There are some great starter sets for sketching available, as well.
If you are looking to start assembling without a starter set, here is a list for Acrylic Painters. I will pop up some lists for Sketching in another Blog.
I use Grumbacher paints for the student. They are a great paint, and come in large sized tubes which are wonderful and save money.
Primary Colors: Get these first! You can mix virtually all colors from these basics...and I truly prefer to mix my own colors.
There a few additional colors that I purchase...but starting with just the primary colors will help you to learn more about color as go along. Get yourself a color wheel or a book that will show you how to mix colors.
Here is what I keep in my box:
* I typically purchase the 3 oz tubes...but for Titanium White, Cerulean Blue and Paynes Grey, if you can afford the larger sizes it is a great investment, as you will use a lot of those colors.
Titanium White
Paynes Grey
Cerulean Blue
Mars Black
Alizarin Crimson
Cadmium Red Med
Grumbacher Red
Raw Umber
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Yellow Ochre Light Hue
Cadmium Yellow Light
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Hookers Green
Cadmium Orange
Thalo Yellow Green
Gesso (White)
When you are just starting...get a bag or two of assorted brushes.
 As you get more familiar with them, you will want to invest in better brushes. make sure you bag of brushes has everything from a liner brush to a larger sized brush. I will talk more about brushes in another blog.
Pick up some medium sized canvas boards.
 For some reason, my favorite size is and always will be 16 x 20. But many people love a smaller size. Pick out a size you like and get a package of them at a discounted price.
You will also need:
A container for water
A small mister/water bottle
An easel
Paper Towels
Scotch Tape
A Ruler
A Digital Camera (If you don't have's not absolutely needed...but it is very handy for reference)
A book or two on getting started with the basics.
I really love the Walter Foster Book, "Mix Your Own Acrylics", by Jill Mizra & Nick Harris and also, "Acrylic Painting Step By Step", by Tom Swimm
There are many great books out there to choose from!
See you in my next Blog, with more tips for getting set up to create.
Keep The Faith..and Get Ready to Paint!
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