The Frame Project Continues
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The Frame Project Continues

I am really charged up about my latest creative interest!
I have  I am going to make some interesting and unique frames over the winter, using found objects and natural items from the woods and lakes.
I need to find some very basic frames that are at least 2-3 inches wide and hopefully flat. The size won't matter..but the larger, the better.
I have found quite a few frames so far...this time of year is great for yard sales and estate sales...and I have found some quality wood frames  that have a rustic look and that are wide enough to hold the found treasures that I will be using to embellish them. This weekend I was able to spend over an hour hiking and collecting bark, a multitude of newly fallen tiny pinecones from assorted varieties of evergreen trees and also some twisted old, weather wood.
So far, I have collected two super sized boxes of huge pine cones. They can be found in abundance here and I have the luxury of picking only the ones in pristine condition. These are the ones that are about 3-6  inches long and very round. I am also collecting acorns, pods, bark, smaller varieties of pine cones, twisted branches, moss, shelf mushrooms, pretty stones and other beautiful natural things.
I purchased a glue gun and some pretty tacks and beads..and will continue to collect things and store them in clearly organized and labeled boxes and bins in my attic, till I design the frames this winter.
I am so excited! I have been looking all over for special frames for some of my woodland and mountain paintings and just couldn't find ones I loved at a reasonable what's an artist to do???  Why... Make Her Own!
Stay tuned, I'll show you what I collect as I go along this fall...perfect time to walk and collect and cooler temps are arriving. This will give me a great reason to get out on hikes.
Have a great week, energize yourself by being creative and of course..
 Always Keep The Faith!
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