It's All About The Right Paper!
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It's All About The Right Paper!

Hello Everyone!
I have been so busy getting all of my paintings from the "Roosters, Hens and Chicks" Collection, part of "The Barnyard Series, 2011" framed and off to the Kettle Falls Art Gallery that I have been remiss in writing my blogs. They are all safely up on the walls and ready for new homes! And not a moment to we are experiencing very early and extremely heavy snowfall here. Almost a foot plus has fallen in the last two days...and it is still coming down. Glad I got out to Kettle Falls while I could! am back in the studio and getting busy with my holiday work and projects.
I will be drawing for most of December, and I have not sketched or drawn in a long time. So, I visited my favorite art supply store, to purchase some great papers for my work. I am going to be drawing Pet Portraits for some special customers, and want the paper to be heavy, have body, texture and be of archival quality.
Here is a great link to a YouTube video put out by Blick Studio that will give everyone a great refresher course..or introduction to buying the right paper for your project. So click on the link and learn everything you need to know in this informative video.
Stay tuned as I share the process of these Pet Portraits with all of you. I will be ordering some paper tonite..selecting the perfect portrait photos to work from..and starting to assemble my tools. I will get a list of pencils and such that you can assemble for your own studio up and posted this weekend. I will also share tips on proportion, value and impact.
The Right Paper
Till this weekend,
Stay warm and enjoy the video!
Maureen Marie
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