"Sara", A Portrait in Progress...Colored Pencil Drawing
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"Sara", A Portrait in Progress...Colored Pencil Drawing

I been working on this Pet Portrait of Sara. Such a beautiful animal!
This is actually my very first work in colored pencil. The image here will show you the progress I am making.
The first image is a photo that I took of Sara. This allowed me to actually have her "sit"....(laughing) she is always a busy dog...and it was hard to even get this photo. Pet photographers must have a special trick up their sleeve...
I have to say, I am personally not crazy about working with colored pencil. I prefer sketching in regular tones..and also painting. Everyone has their preferred mediums...and I don't think I will do more in colored pencil, but it has been a great learning experience for me. I found that I needed very bright lighting for this work...even brighter than when I am painting. I also found  that if this were a medium that I loved, I would absolutely invest in a set of high quality pencils. The first think I did was to organize the pencils I had in the studio on a carousel with the tips up. Relying on what the pencil color may actually show on the label is tricky...I went to pull out a dark grey, only to find it was very purple in tone...and erasing colored pencil from paper is difficult to say the least.
I'll plan on one more afternoon for this portrait...and then will call it, "Done". Stay  tuned, I'll share the finished portrait in a few days.
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