Book Cover Sketch Selected!
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Book Cover Sketch Selected!

It's been a fun and hectic couple of weeks as I worked closely with David Smith who is releasing his first publication very soon. He was kind enough to ask me to be a part of his endeavor..and of course I was delighted to work on a commissioned sketch for the cover of his new book.
The book is on target to be released this spring..David is hoping for Mother's Day.
Or...a date very close to that, and when it is out, I will share all of the information with you so you can check into his amazing work.
Here is a little sneak peek at a portion of my sketch, which is of a woman sitting in a window, gazing out and contemplating her life journey. This was such an interesting process, as I needed to be able to create a character that was what David envisioned in his imagination. Then my mind and imagination needed to fulfill his vision. It took a few sketches until the pose and setting was chosen..and then the woman drawn and brought to "life".
What fun! I thoroughly enjoyed the process..and to you, David, thank you! I can't wait to share your work here on my website for everyone to see!
Keep The Faith,
Maureen Marie
( Beginning to sketch out the woman and design the background, incompleted rough sketch )
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