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On The Road Again..Join Me!

Spring Has Finally Arrived

Spring has arrived to Northeastern Washington...and I could not be happier. It has been a very long and cold winter. Here in the mountains there is still some patchy snow, but it is quickly melting. In the valley, there is no snow left and things are getting green. Was out and about today...and saw some beautiful scenery. Time for me to start looking for more wonderful farms and barns to photograph. Here are two beautiful landscapes that I spotted today on my drive home.
Have a fantastic week...and Keep The Faith!

Snowy Thanksgiving Week

We really got hit with a wild weather week pre-Thanksgiving here in the mountains of Northeastern Washington. Fist foot after foot of heavy snow fell and transformed the entire mountain area into a winter wonderland. It was like a scene from a movie...perfectly heavy, perfectly white and although it was heavy in terms of amounts that fell..the snow was blissfully light and easy to remove.....until...the day before Thanksgiving, when it started to rain. Monsoon style. Then we were faced with layers and inches of thick slush that quickly turned to ice.  What a week.
All is calm now...but wanted to share a few of the pictures from around the ranch. It's not often  that this kind of snow arrives so early.
Hope you are all rested after the pace of the holiday week and weekend...and ready for December to start:)
Keep The Faith,
Maureen Marie

Rustic Country Scenes

I Love Fall!
It's my favorite season of the year.
In this has been a late season for color.
The dry spell in the latter half of summer (*almost 70 days with no measurable rainfall) has delayed and shortened the display of colors this every chance I get, I dash out and take some photos. I am really excited to take a mountain train ride to see  the late fall display of colors over the Halloween weekend. I will make sure to share that experience with you!
I have had a few free afternoons over the past few weeks..and have taken the time to explore some interesting side roads that have led me to some amazing old barns. Have a look at a few of these great scenes and come back again as I post more.
Enjoy Fall Wherever You Are!

Pumpkins and Fall..Love Them!

♥♥ Have I mentioned that this is MY FAVE time of the YEAR! I love the colors of Autumn. Today..after the cloudy fog and rain lifted..I could see that the colors are starting to come on in a big way. Up here, I am surrounded by mostly evergreens..but there are many beautiful bushes, grasses and some of the evergreens turn a paler golden yellow. Can't wait to share pics from my train ride in the mountains..I am going for a short trip on a special event in about two weeks..colors should be at their peak! Enjoy my photo of these lumpy bumpy pumpkins from the local pumpkin patch:)
Keep The Faith..and go enjoy the fall colors!

Farms & Barns & a Pumpkin Patch

Happy Monday!
I have been out "On The Road Again".
Had a wonderful day out exploring the countryside late last week in perfect September weather. I finally learned how to get on a back mountain road that I have wanted to travel on for quite some time..... by making a wrong turn...and was able to get some beautiful photos of some of the farms and barns that I had been admiring from afar all summer. I also stumbled onto the most delightful Pumpkin Patch with a Corn Maze. What fun! I met George, who was minding the store...and who very graciously took me for a tour. The main barn was built in 1911 and has been in the process of being restored. The Pumpkin Patch and Corn maze have been in business for two years and are incredibly popular with visitors. I plan to go back quite soon and try to get through the corn maze. The pumpkins should be ready for sale and ripe for the pickin'.
Time for me to get busy painting some more of the local barns for the series. I was held  up for several weeks, but I am back in my "MoJo" on and a paintbrush in my enjoy the pictures...and watch for my next blog.
Keep The Faith...and enjoy this wonderful warm fall weather!
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