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It Is One Hot July!

Hello Everyone,
This has been one hot July here in  the mountains...and it will continue to be hot for the next ten days. Lots of big rainstorms complete with very loud thunder and amazing lightning displays have kept the fire dangers lower than last year, and the vegetable garden thriving.
I was off on an adventure to Vancouver, B.C. in June and had a wonderful time. I drove through the Cascade Mountain Range and was awed by the majesty and beauty of those peaks. I was able to capture some amazing mountain scenery on film.
I have been hard at work on some new collections. The first is "American Songbirds", and the other features bird nests. I haven't named that collection just yet. I am having a great time on these two series..I love to paint birds!
Here are a two that are almost completed...a few final touches to go...but I'll give you a sneak peek:) Enjoy these "studies". I base my "studies" on photos that I have seen, others have sent to me or that they may have found and want painted. If you have any images you would love to see painted..please message me.
Stay Cool...and Keep The Faith!
Maureen Marie
"Winter Cardinal"
MaureenMarie, Ltd.
Acrylic Painting, 2012
Study based on a photo
Unknown Origin 
Copyright 2012
"Colorado Mountain Bluebirds"
MaureenMarie, Ltd.
Acrylic Painting, 2012
Study based on a photo
Unknown Origin
Copyright 2012

"Simple Pleasures" A New Collection

I am so excited to announce that my new collection of Acrylic paintings is ready for sale. The collection is titled, "Simple Pleasures" and features boldly colored and vibrant,charming country paintings.
I will be adding more information very soon. For now you can visit, me and the Collection at
and see the collection. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it!
Keep The Faith,
"My Little Gardener"
Acrylic on Canvas, 20 X !6
From The Collection,
 "Simple Pleasures"
Maureen Marie Sundstrom, 2012

New Year, New Collection

2012. A Brand new Year!
My first Collection  of the new year will be titled, "The American Buffalo". There are many buffalo to be seen in this part of the country. Huge and magnificent beasts, they will present me with an opportunity to learn more about the mighty buffalo, travel to areas where they are roaming and take photographs. The photographs will be published as the second part of the Collection. I have started two of the paintings already....they are certainly a challenge to paint. There are many, many different types and textures of fur on the animal and learning what paint brushes and what techniques I will use to depict them is a process in itself!
Here is "Lone  Buffalo"...this is Day Three of this painting and you can see that while it is coming along..I still have many layers to paint and many subtle changes to make.
I took a photo of my work at day three..and then printed it in Black and white...and in sepia tones to better see the areas where I need to add or detract from the value.
Interesting process.
Check Watch The progress!
The Painting on Day Three
The Painting, A photo of the painting in Sepia Tones
* This helps me to refine areas of value.

My Original "Seaside Village"

Awww....look what I found!
I thought I had lost this file in my move West..the original is boxed up in storage in Wisconsin. Several years ago..I created this imaginary Seaside Village and painted it... with the help of some great FaceBook friends and family...who have buildings in the village. I still have all of my notes for the story that will accompany the original painting..and I keep working on it as I am able to carve out time. Children will love the keep keep watching..things happen in their own time...and this one will happen:)
Keep The Faith...and Look at life with a Child's eye...magic happens:)
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