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The Frame Project Continues

I am really charged up about my latest creative interest!
I have  I am going to make some interesting and unique frames over the winter, using found objects and natural items from the woods and lakes.
I need to find some very basic frames that are at least 2-3 inches wide and hopefully flat. The size won't matter..but the larger, the better.
I have found quite a few frames so far...this time of year is great for yard sales and estate sales...and I have found some quality wood frames  that have a rustic look and that are wide enough to hold the found treasures that I will be using to embellish them. This weekend I was able to spend over an hour hiking and collecting bark, a multitude of newly fallen tiny pinecones from assorted varieties of evergreen trees and also some twisted old, weather wood.
So far, I have collected two super sized boxes of huge pine cones. They can be found in abundance here and I have the luxury of picking only the ones in pristine condition. These are the ones that are about 3-6  inches long and very round. I am also collecting acorns, pods, bark, smaller varieties of pine cones, twisted branches, moss, shelf mushrooms, pretty stones and other beautiful natural things.
I purchased a glue gun and some pretty tacks and beads..and will continue to collect things and store them in clearly organized and labeled boxes and bins in my attic, till I design the frames this winter.
I am so excited! I have been looking all over for special frames for some of my woodland and mountain paintings and just couldn't find ones I loved at a reasonable what's an artist to do???  Why... Make Her Own!
Stay tuned, I'll show you what I collect as I go along this fall...perfect time to walk and collect and cooler temps are arriving. This will give me a great reason to get out on hikes.
Have a great week, energize yourself by being creative and of course..
 Always Keep The Faith!

Rustic Woodland Frames

I am really excited about my latest project. I have been looking all over for unique frames for some of my artwork, but haven't found quite what I wanted, so I decided to make some of my own. I have been out in the woods collecting lots of natural objects; lots of different varieties and sizes of pine cones, mosses, bark, twigs, nuts, pods, and things and have been organizing them in bins in the attic.
I have also been scouring thrifts shops, sales and estate sales for some interesting old frames with at least a 2.5 to 3 inch wide frame size. I prefer very basic frames for this project, because I will be sanding them down, staining or painting them and then attaching the materials I have been gathering.
Note to the artist: no need to spend a small fortune when you are purchasing the basic supplies for projects. Frugal artists can frequent resale and thrift stores to find old artwork and then remake them into fresh new art. Many times you can also take previously painted canvases and make them just like new by applying one to two coats of gesso to the surface. If you are just starting out and are looking for a great way to get canvases to work with...this is a big money-saving idea!
I am off to collect more wonderful natural things from the woods this holiday weekend. The weather should be cool and perfect for treasure  hunting. Have a great weekend!
Maureen Marie
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